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Every day I get phone calls of the sort “do you do virtual tours”. In the past decade, the term “virtual tour” has been used to represent everything from panoramic photos that spun around on their own to a webpage where a slideshow of still photos and music *entertained* buyers, to today, where clients can literally walk through a home and look all around. The Matterport 3D Tours are less virtual tours and more literal tours. So maybe I should be advertising that I provide literal tour services. Anyways, when you prepare a home for listing photos, certain things can be hidden and/or moved from room to room while photos are being taken. However, when performing 3D scans of homes and businesses, moving objects around isn’t really possible: the 3D camera can “see” everything 360 degrees around it, above it, and below it. For this reason, I have a different rule when it comes to taking 3D scans of real estate for virtual tours: everything must be perfect. I know that seems like a pretty tough rule to get behind, but if you want to show a real estate listing in the BEST possible light through the use of true […]
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