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I’m a real estate photographer in south Texas on the Gulf Coast and I venture into hundreds of homes every year. I have been in $15k teardowns and $4.5MM dream homes and shot everything in between. After looking in thousands of homes over the past 9 years, I’ve compiled a great list of things sellers need to take care of before photos happen. Time and time again, these are the top 3 things that I see sellers forget to do. #1: Trash Cans. First of all, trash cans are dirty (whether physically or metaphorically) and buyers don’t want to see them. I’m talking about inside trash cans as well as your outdoor refuse collection trash cans. Very rarely have I seen an indoor trash can that is beautiful enough that it should be left visible in photos. The stainless steel is smudged, they get dented, there is a trash bag hanging over the edges. Never have I seen an outdoor trash can that added to your home’s curb appeal. Most of the time they a re some godawful ugly color and are just begging to be hidden. Since garages are almost never photographed, it is the best place to put all of your […]
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