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Some details and behind the scenes photos from a commercial photography shoot I did in February for La Palmera Mall here in Corpus Christi. Before 7a.m. I show up to Cinnamon Shore, a vacation community located right outside of Port Aransas. My two assistants are right behind me and we prep for the first shot of the day. While The Collective (ad agency consisting of ArtFly, Snyder & Associates, Olvey Media Consulting), client, La Palmera Mall, and video production company, Enlightened Images all had a creative meeting discussing the ultimate visual look for this 24 month ad campaign, we would mostly be shooting scenes candidly covering the locations and wardrobe the client had in mind. From the storyboard, our first shot of the day is supposed to be one of the iconic hero images for the entire campaign. Of course, we’re targeting summery vibes. In early February. On the Beach. During the coldest days of Winter 2016-2017. Needless to say, when we first walked over the boardwalk to stage our first scene, I was really bummed by the extreme fog hanging over the dunes, beach, and water; later I would realize that this would be our saving grace. Carlos (the […]
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