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American Advertising Federation Corpus Christi | Gold Award in Photography

Jason Page · March 31, 2014 · Real Estate · 0 comments

I have several clients who are members of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and who asked me to participate in the AAF Award Competition (formerly the Addys).  I decided to enter several images, but one that I was particularly proud of from 2013 was a twilight image I had photographed for Baxter Brooks Real Estate.

Kristen Gilstrap was listing a property on 234 Ohio Street in Corpus Christi, Texas for a mutual client of ours. He was listing his home and demanded the best work possible. That is when I suggested to Kristen that I would photograph the listing at twilight to help showcase the homes many large oak trees, large yard, and landscape lighting. Here in the Corpus Christi area, it is rare to encounter a twilight real estate photograph when looking through listing photos, even though it has such a dramatic impact.

The shot was entered in the AAF “Color Photography” category and was composed of several exposures layered together with multiple flash units providing fill light where needed.  Additional evening images were taken in the back yard to showcase the pool and entertaining space. One of the key factors when preparing for a twilight shoot includes ensuring that all exterior lighting is working, and that interior lights are turned on. Homes that have little or no exterior or landscape lighting are not good candidates for real estate twilight photos because adding exterior lighting for the shot would result in an image that could be considered deceptive.

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